Here you will find a collection of recorded webinars hosted by Hunter University.

Learn the core fundamentals needed to install and program Hunter Wi-Fi Controllers including: 

  • Hardware options and connectivity
  • Wi-Fi network requirements
  • Global settings (alarms, water triggers, programs)
  • Adding customers and setting up controllers
  • Adding and removing employees

A deeper dive into Hydrawise with a live demonstration.  Learn about advanced hardware and software training for your system including:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity and troubleshooting
  • Flow meter programming
  • Customizing your contractor account, such as adding photos and irrigation plans
  • Event log and managing alarms
  • Reporting

This one-hour webinar will cover hardware and software training for your system, including: 

  • Cloud Based irrigation management via Centralus
  • Compatibility with controllersW-Fi and Ethernet communication options
  • Introduction to the EZ Decoder System, which brings the power of two-wire technology to more projects than ever before

Learn how smart Irrigation is smart business with our panel of industry experts that share helpful tools, tips and strategies that you can use to build your business including:

  • Managing your digital profile
  • Social media best practices for your business
  • The free SiteRec App to help you close sales faster
  • Managing your customer database
  • Email Marketing made simple
  • Website engagement and best practices 

Learn helpful tools, tips and strategies to build your lighting business and create better designs for customers including: 

  • Setting the scene with lighting
  • Lighting techniques and effects
  • Deciding what to light
  • Incorporating lighting into your business
  • Building a lighting portfolio

Discover overhead irrigation products and techniques that will help you create more water-efficient designs. Topics covered during this one-hour webinar include: 

  • Introduction to overhead irrigation 
  • Types of overhead irrigation 
  • Benefits of overhead irrigation 
  • When and where to use overhead irrigation 
  • How overhead irrigation promotes water conservation 
  • Products, design, and best practices