Irrigation Designer

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From fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, this comprehensive program will teach you the critical elements of irrigation design, help you become an effective irrigation designer, and ensure that your next project is a success.

Hunter Specialist - ACC

This program requires approximately four hours to complete. To earn a Hunter University Irrigation Design Certificate of Completion, you must complete all listed courses with a score of at least 80%.

Irrigation Designer Courses

D-SKILL500: Irrigation Design Overview
D-SKILL500 Irrigation Design Overview

Learn what to expect throughout the program in this introductory presentation of each course.

Length: 10 minutes (no quiz)

D-SKILL501: Plot Plans
D-SKILL501 Plot Plans

Learn the first step in preparing an irrigation design: how to properly gather project site information.

Length: 15 minutes (plus quiz time)

D-SKILL502: Hydraulics
D-SKILL502 Hydraulics

Learn the basics of irrigation hydraulics to design efficient, cost-effective irrigation systems.

Length: 40 minutes for two modules (plus time for two quizzes)

D-SKILL503: Design Capacity
D-SKILL503 Design Capacity

Learn how to determine the right amount of water and pressure for each project.

Length: 35 minutes (plus quiz time)

D-SKILL504: Sprinkler Selection
D-SKILL504 Sprinkler Selection

Learn the step-by-step process of choosing the best sprinklers for specific areas.

Length: 35 minutes (plus quiz time)

D-SKILL505: Sprinkler Placement
D-SKILL505 Sprinkler Placement

Learn the art and science of sprinkler placement, including common design obstacles and solutions.

Length: 25 minutes for two modules (plus time for two quizzes)

D-SKILL506: System Layout and Pipe Sizing
D-SKILL506 System Layout and Pipe Sizing

Learn best practices for laying out a sprinkler system, including how to correctly size piping.

Length: 15 minutes (plus quiz time)

D-SKILL507: Calculating Friction Losses
D-SKILL507 Calculating Friction Losses

Learn how to calculate friction losses to help determine if a system will perform as expected.

Length: 25 minutes (plus quiz time)

D-SKILL508: Precipitation Rates
D-SKILL508 Precipitation Rates

Learn how to configure irrigation schedules by selecting proper sprinkler precipitation rates.

Length: 15 minutes (plus quiz time)

D-SKILL509: Scheduling Irrigation
D-SKILL509 Scheduling Irrigation

Learn about the variables you should consider when determining an irrigation schedule.

Length: 20 minutes (plus quiz time)


IA Approved Level for CEUs

Irrigation Association CEU Approved Course # of CEUs Tier
Irrigation Design Specialist 4 1
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