Irrigation Installation Fundamentals

Give new employees the confidence they need to deliver results and quickly contribute to the growth of your business with the Irrigation Installation Fundamentals Program from Hunter University. Offered at no cost, this comprehensive online program provides introductory baseline knowledge on the various components and techniques required to successfully install an irrigation system. The program includes an overview video and 11 self-paced videos, each on a dedicated topic related to proper product installation, that give participants the opportunity to learn the information on their own schedule.

This innovative training program gives customers a clear path to acquire essential knowledge about core products and processes needed to install an efficient, long-lasting irrigation system. Participants who successfully complete the program with a score of 80% or better will earn a professional certificate to recognize their achievement.

Knowledgeable employees require less coaching and are better able to help the company meet project deadlines, deliver excellent customer service, and achieve profit goals. When coupled with the Hunter Product Technician Program and Irrigation Designer Program, the Irrigation Installation Fundamentals Program provides a solid foundation to prepare learners of any background for success.

Irrigation Installation Fundamentals

Complete all the modules, and score at least 80% on the final quiz, to receive your Irrigation Installation Fundamentals Certificate.

Irrigation Installation Technician

Irrigation Installation Fundamentals
INST301-T Irrigation Installation Fundamentals

One course page with eight modules.

  • Irrigation System Overview
  • Tools and Construction Preparation
  • Site Inspection
  • Plan Reading
  • Trenching and Pulling Pipe
  • Mainline and Laterals
  • Pop-up Sprinkler Installation
  • Valve and Wiring Installation


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