FX Luminaire Product Specialist Program

This program is designed for those who are new to landscape lighting or want to incorporate lighting into their irrigation business. It is designed to provide fundamental knowledge on how lighting works and the components of a lighting system. In this program you will learn the categories of lighting, as well as an overview of the features and benefits of FX Luminaire landscape lighting products.

FX Luminaire Product Technician Program

Complete all the modules, and score at least 80% on the final quiz, to receive your FX Luminaire Product Specialist Certificate.

Lighting Specialist

FX Luminaire Product Technician Program
T-FXL101 FX Luminaire Product Specialist Program

One course page with eleven modules.

  • Introduction to FX Specialist Program
  • How Lighting Works
  • Components of a Lighting System
  • Categories of Lighting Fixtures
  • Designer Series
  • Standard Series
  • Value Line and C-Line
  • Line Voltage Fixtures
  • Exa Collection
  • Power and Control
  • Advanced Lighting Control Systems


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Luxor Specialist Lighting Designer

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