Frontline Intelligence

Frontline Entelligence

*Offered in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada

Frontline Intelligence is an online training program created for distributor employees to stay ahead of industry trends, gain product knowledge, and develop skills to leave the competition behind. Learn about the new EZ Decoder System (EZDS) or FX Luminaire Power and Control before March 31, 2019 and get a free pocket knife.

EZ Decoder System Product Guide
Frontline Intelligence - EZ Decoder System Product Guide

Hunter’s brand-new EZ Decoder System revolutionizes traditional two-wire decoder technology- at a fraction of the cost! The innovative EZ Decoder System provides all the advantages of two-wire installations with simpler, more affordable technology.

FX Luminaire Power and Control Overview
Frontline Intelligence - FX Luminaire Power and Control Overview

FX Luminaire has been advancing the boundaries of landscape lighting technology for more than three decades. We know that no outdoor lighting design is complete without considering the control requirements for diverse client and environmental needs. That’s why we offer a variety of low-voltage lighting transformers with varying levels of control to accommodate projects of all scopes, ranging from simple on/off capabilities to next-generation wireless technology.

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