Frontline Intelligence

Frontline Intelligence

Frontline Intelligence is an online training program created for distributor employees to stay ahead of industry trends, gain product knowledge, and develop skills to leave the competition behind.


Watch a video. Take a quiz. Get the know-how.

Learn about the FX Technician Program, pass the quiz (80%+) by April 31, 2021, and you’ll earn coins.

Luxor Technician Program
FX Lighting Technician Program (T-FXL101):
Designed for all skill levels, this 10-course program covers the key benefits and competitive advantages of FX Luminaire products, essential components of a lighting system, and more.

New Exclusive Prizes for Frontline Participants

Once you complete the program, you'll automatically be entered into exclusive Frontline raffles. Every month a new raffle will be launched. The sooner you complete the program, the more opportunities you have to win!

February Raffle
50 Winners

Headlamp Hunter and FX Luminaire Headlamp

March Raffle
2 Winners

Bucket Carhartt® Bucket Organizer

April Raffle
2 Winners

Jacket North End™ Jacket

About Tools of the Trade

We love your drive to get the intel you need to provide excellent customer service. Tools of the Trade with Hunter and FX Luminaire lets you learn new facts and earn coins to accelerate toward awesome prizes!

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