Frontline Intelligence

Frontline Intelligence

*Offered in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada

Frontline Intelligence is an online training program created for distributor employees to stay ahead of industry trends, gain product knowledge, and develop skills to leave the competition behind.

Watch a video. Take a quiz. Get the know-how.

Learn about HDL, pass the quiz (80%+) by August 31, 2020, and you’ll earn Rev It Up! coins.

HDL Frontline Intelligence Module
HDL Frontline (DRIP112):
Take this course to see why pressure-compensating HDL is the most robust, convenient, labor-saving, eco-friendly, and cost-effective drip solution out there.


Upon successful completion of the training module, you will automatically receive 1,000 Rev It Up coins within one business day. Save up for high-value items, risk them for a chance to win raffle prizes, or donate them to a good cause. To spend your coins, log in to your Hunter account and visit the Rev It Up site.


About Rev It Up

We love your drive to get the intel you need to provide excellent customer service. With Rev It Up, you can learn new facts throughout 2020 and earn coins to accelerate toward awesome prizes.

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