Frontline Intelligence

Frontline Intelligence

Frontline Intelligence is an online training program created for distributor employees to stay ahead of industry trends, gain product knowledge, and develop skills to leave the competition behind.

Earn Your Certificate and Get a Free Insulated Igloo Backpack Cooler.

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Complete the Hunter Product Specialist Program - Track 2 Advanced Products by April 30th, get your certificate, earn a FREE Insulated Igloo Backpack Cooler and 2,000 coins!


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Dive deeper into the Hunter Product Specialist Program - Track 2 Advanced Products. This program is dedicated to Hunter irrigation products that feature cutting-edge technology, features, and specialty application spaces. Completion of the Track 2 program will set you up to be a product specialist and advise customers on Hunter’s best-in-class irrigation equipment, allowing them to win their next contract!

As a reward for completing the program, you will earn both coins and an Insulated Igloo Backpack Cooler. The Insulated Igloo Backpack Cooler will be mailed at the end of each month and 2,000 coins will be uploaded to your account bi-weekly. To redeem your coins, visit The Vault website where you can spend your coins on gear, risk them for raffles, or donate them to a good cause.


  • Log in to your Hunter account or create a free account.
  • Enroll in the program here and watch the videos.
  • Pass the quiz (80%+) by April 30, 2023, to receive awesome rewards!

About The Vault

The Vault Logo Unlock what’s inside The Vault to access the Knowledge Bank of Hunter and FX Luminaire products and earn coins. Then, spend your coins on valuables and mystery raffles!

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