Increase your knowledge and advance your professional development:


Product Specialist

Hunter Product Specialist Program

The Product Specialist Program is designed to equip contractors, distributors, and designers with basic knowledge of each product line. These courses explain the features, benefits, and competitive advantages of Hunter products.

Installation Technician

Irrigation Installation Fundamentals

Give new employees the confidence they need to deliver results and quickly contribute to the growth of your business with the Irrigation Installation Fundamentals Program from Hunter University.

Lighting Technician

FX Luminaire Product Specialist Program

The FX Specialist program is designed to provide and distributors with a foundational knowledge of FX Luminaire products.


Hydrawise Specialist

Hydrawise Specialist

Learn the features and benefits of Hydrawise-enabled controllers and the basics of the Hydrawise software.


Decoder/ACC Specialist

ACC and Two-Wire Specialist

Learn how to install, program and troubleshoot ACC and ACC Two-Wire systems. You will also learn how it offers automatic weather-based control for commercial installations when paired with Solar Sync.


Irrigation Design

Irrigation Designer

From fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, this comprehensive program will teach you the critical elements of irrigation design, build your knowledge about irrigation design, and ensure that your next project is a success.


Lighting Design

Lighting Designer

Learn techniques and best practices for lighting specific spaces in your landscape. This program guides you through the design process and shows you how to get started in creating your lighting portrait.




The Expert Program provides a thorough understanding of Hunter Advanced Controllers and Decoder Systems. In a classroom setting, participants receive hands-on instruction on the operation, installation, and troubleshooting of Hunter commercial controllers. Qualified contractors, distributors and all public agency employees with a proficient understanding of commercial controllers and installations and who are knowledgeable about the use of electrical testing devices are invited to participate.

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