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  • Training Modules

    A training module is a visual presentation with audio. Courses may include one or multiple modules, depending on the product line or industry topic. You must complete all course training modules to gain access to the final quiz. To begin training, click on a module link. The module will open in a new window. (Note: It may take 1 to 2 minutes for modules to load, depending on the number of active users on the site and your internet connection.)

    Knowledge Checks

    All training modules include a short quiz called a Knowledge Check that follows the presentation. Knowledge checks reinforce learning by reviewing key concepts and important takeaways covered in the presentation.


    An online training course consists of one or more training modules with a final quiz. Several courses make up a program.

    Course Pages

    Hunter University online course pages are made up of blocks or sections for easy navigation. The title of the course is shown at the top of each page.

    • SUMMARY is a short description of the course.
    • MODULES are the course presentations.
    • QUIZ links take you to the final quiz, which is accessible upon successful completion of all course modules.
    • RESOURCES are downloadable PDF documents that support the course topic.
    • FEEDBACK is a section where you can provide input about any aspect of the course.


    A program consists of courses and a final quiz. Depending on when the program was created, it may consist of one or several course pages. Upon program completion, you’ll earn a certificate, e-badge (to use for social media), email signatures, and Irrigation Association-approved continuing education units (CEUs).

    Quizzes and Grades

    Each course and program includes a final quiz. If you don’t pass the quiz with a grade of 80% or higher on your first attempt, you can take it again. Once you pass, your grade will post to your Hunter account. You can request additional attempts for any quiz by sending an email to the Training team.

    Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

    The Irrigation Association has approved CEUs for irrigation certificate programs. The CEUs vary, depending on the length of the program. Contact the Irrigation Association to process CEUs.


    Throughout the year, Hunter experts, product managers, and industry professionals host webinars on various irrigation and lighting topics. When you watch the webinar recordings and pass the final quizzes with a score of 80% or higher, you can earn a certificate of completion and CEUs.


    Workshops are in-person learning classes hosted each year on the Hunter Industries campus in San Marcos, California. Workshops are typically held in January, February, and March. Hunter Preferred Program (HPP) Members can use HPP points to pay for workshops. Registration is limited, and the cost per workshop varies. Contact the Training team to receive more information about Hunter University workshops.


    You’ll earn a certificate for each program you complete. You can download your certificate directly from your Hunter My Account.

    Additional Resources

    Literature, manuals, specifications, CAD installation details, and 3D BIM Models are posted in the ADDITIONAL RESOURCES section of a course page. Most materials are available in PDF format. You’ll need Acrobat Reader to open PDF documents.

    Enrollment Key

    An enrollment key is a unique password. Some courses are available only for specific audiences or groups. If you need an enrollment key, contact the Training team to request one.

    Calendar of Events

    To view upcoming training activities, check out the Calendar of Events on the Hunter University homepage. Here, you can register for the latest training events, find tradeshow information, register for upcoming webinars, and request a registration link for an in-person workshop.

    Understanding Training Courses

    How does the Training course work?

    Training courses are made up of many different elements to help maximize your learning experience. A standard course consists of a Q&A Forum, PDF literature, Training Module Presentation and a Quiz. This may vary from course to course.

    Understanding Updates from Course Teacher Forum

    The course teacher will notify students of any class changes or course updates in the "Update Forum".  You will receive an e-mail if any updates have been posted to this forum.

    Question and Answer Forum

    A "Q and A Forum" is a forum where students and teachers can discuss additional comments or ask questions relevant to the course content. Everyone enrolled in the class can view the discussion forum and respond to any question or comments posted in this area.

    When a person is subscribed to a forum they will be sent email copies of every post in that forum (posts are sent about 30 minutes after the post was first written).

    Understanding Literature

    Most literature, owner’s manuals and written or graphical training material are posted in PDF format. To open these materials you need the latest free Acrobat Reader.
    Adobe Reader: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

    Training Modules

    Training Modules are course material presentations with audio. Each training module should be viewed as part of the course. The training module will open in a new window and launch after loading which could take up to one minute. When you play the training module you must have the most current version of Adobe Flash Player in your browser.
    Adobe Flash Player: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/

    Understanding Quizzes

    Once all training materials have been reviewed, there is a quiz associated to each course and some courses may have multiple quizzes. To take the course, simply click on the quiz link. Different quizzes have different rules; with most quizzes you can only take the quiz once. You may save the quiz and return later but you can only submit the finished quiz once. You will receive your score after the course has been submitted along with the correct answers for your review.
    Your test results of the quiz will be kept in your profile section and the teacher’s course records.

    What is an enrollment key and how do I get one?

    An enrollment key is a special password that you must type in to enroll in a locked course.
    Some courses are only available to specific audiences or groups or may require that prerequisites have been completed. You can only enroll in these courses after you have received the enrollment key from the course teacher.

    I don’t have an enrollment key so how do I take that course?

    An enrollment key is a special password that you must enter in order to enroll in a locked course.
    Some courses are only available to specific audiences or groups or may require that prerequisites have been completed. You can only enroll in these courses after you have received the enrollment key from the course teacher. If you can’t obtain an enrollment key you may not have access to take that particular course. Please find a different course that does not require an enrollment key for registration.

    Who can I contact for help?

    For any additional course questions please send an email to training@hunterindustries.com

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