Hydrawise Specialist

Hydrawise Specialist

Learn the features and benefits of Hydrawise-enabled controllers and the basics of the Hydrawise software. This program shows you how to get started using the Hydrawise software, and controllers, and how to take advantage of the contractor portal.

Hunter Specialist - Hydrawise

Complete all courses below with a score of at least 80% and you will receive a Hydrawise Specialist Certificate.

Hydrawise Specialist Course

Hydrawise Ready Controllers Specialist Program
WCONT112-S Hydrawise Ready Controllers Specialist Program

One Course Page with 5 Modules

  • Module 1: Hydrawise Controllers Overview
  • Module 2: Controllers Hardware Set Up
  • Module 3: Hydrawise Software Setup
  • Module 4: The Hydrawise Contractor Portal
  • Module 5: Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers Comparison


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IA Approved Level for CEUs

Irrigation Association CEU Approved Course # of CEUs Tier
Product Specialist: Hydrawise 1 1
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