Watch for an overview of who we are and our philosophy towards efficient irrigation. During this presentation, we will talk about some of our key products including Wobbler technology, LDN and LEPA Close Spacing, Sprays and Pivot Components. Then we will move on to SennPAQ3, our pivot system design software; SennREG, our phone app; and PivotPlacer, which can help you track maintenance and service needs. Finally, we will conclude by sharing some marketing resources with you.

Learn about the basics of setting up an irrigation system in a nursery — from the pump to the sprinklers — and hear from a nursery grower in Central Florida as he shares how he manages his operation. Corey Lambert of Buckhorn Nursery shares about his propagation system, climate control method, experience with irrigation and more. 

Learn about LEPA Close Spacing from John Maurer, co-owner/operator of Hillside Hay Company and winner of the Irrigation Association’s Vanguard Award (2017) for his work towards saving water and energy on the farm with LEPA technology.