Learn helpful tools, tips and strategies to build your lighting business and create better designs for customers including: 

  • Setting the scene with lighting
  • Lighting techniques and effects
  • Deciding what to light
  • Incorporating lighting into your business
  • Building a lighting portfolio

In this webinar you will learn the power of lighting demo kits including:

Different Levels of Light               DX Controller
Where to Start                              Demo Rules
Lighting Stimulates Emotion         Demo Examples
Demos Drive Sales                       MyList Usage
Types of Demo Kits                      Lighting Plan Example
Creating Your Own Kit                  Q&A

In this webinar we outline what goes into great lighting design.

Design:  Good to Great Example           Levels of Light Defined
Why Do We Need Lighting?                   How Many Fixtures on a Tree 
Aesthetics                                               Level 1: Down Light, Path Lights, Wash Lights
Safety and Security                                Level 2: Create Visual Direction
Entertaining at Night                               Level 3: Focal Points
Where to Start                                        The Power of Demos
Interviewing the Property Owner            What to Light
Typical Backyard Lighting Plan               Q&A

In this one-hour webinar, we discuss the level of control and key benefits that Luxor Cloud has to offer including: 

What is new with Cloud
How does the Cloud work?
How to set up Cloud
Q & A

In this webinar we show how to succeed at a great lighting design. 

Tools for the Job             Power Source                         Under Eve Down Lighting
Wire Connections           Wiring Diagrams                     Structure Lighting
Voltage Drop                   Mounting the Transformer      Documentation
Wire Installation              Wire Splicing                           Maintenance
Installation                       Wall Lighting                           Service Contracts
Surface Mount Lighting   Concealing the Light Source
Tree Mounted Lighting    Deck Lighting Techniques

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to achieve eye-catching effects with light
  • Pro design tips for up lighting and path lighting
  • Fun and functional lighting methods for showcasing exteriors and outdoor walkways
  • Choosing the perfect fixtures to create the effects you want
  • The importance of spacing lights properly and how to do it effectively