This info-packed webinar will share helpful tools, tips, and tricks for designing low-voltage landscape lighting systems.

  • Best practices when designing low-voltage lighting systems.
  • Best design practices from FX Luminaire's team of lighting specialists.
  • My Design, a revolutionary free tool that makes designing and estimating much faster.

Learn helpful tools, tips and strategies to build your lighting business and create better designs for customers including: 

  • Setting the scene with lighting
  • Lighting techniques and effects
  • Deciding what to light
  • Incorporating lighting into your business
  • Building a lighting portfolio

In this webinar you will learn the power of lighting demo kits including:

  • Different Levels of Light        
  • Where to Start      
  • Lighting Stimulates Emotion 
  • Demos Drive Sales  
  • Types of Demo Kits  
  • Creating Your Own Kit
  • Demo Rules and Examples
  • DX Controller
  • MyList Usage
  • Lighting Plan Example

In this webinar we outline what goes into great lighting design.

  • Levels of Light Defined
  • Why Do We Need Lighting?                   
  • Aesthetics, Safety and Security                                
  • Entertaining at Night                               
  • Interviewing the Property Owner 
  • Typical Backyard Lighting Plan               
  • How Many Fixtures on a Tree?
  • The Power of Demos
  • Level 1: Down Light, Path Lights, Wash Lights
  • Level 2: Create Visual Direction
  • Level 3: Focal Points

In this one-hour webinar, we discuss the level of control and key benefits that Luxor Cloud has to offer including: 

  • What is new with Cloud
  • How does the Cloud work?
  • How to set up Cloud
  • Q & A

In this webinar we show how to succeed at a great lighting design. 

  • Tools for the Job 
  • Power Source                        
  • Under Eve Down Lighting
  • Wire Connections and Wiring Diagrams                           
  • Lighting Structures
  • Voltage Drop                   
  • Mounting the Transformer      
  • Documentation
  • Wire Installation and Wire Splicing                           
  • Maintenance and Installation
  • Wall Lighting                         
  • Service Contracts
  • Surface Mount Lighting   
  • Concealing the Light Source
  • Tree Mounted Lighting    
  • Deck Lighting Techniques

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to achieve eye-catching effects with light
  • Pro design tips for up lighting and path lighting
  • Fun and functional lighting methods for showcasing exteriors and outdoor walkways
  • Choosing the perfect fixtures to create the effects you want
  • The importance of spacing lights properly and how to do it effectively