Learn how smart Irrigation is smart business with our panel of industry experts that share helpful tools, tips and strategies that you can use to build your business including:

  • Managing your digital profile
  • Social media best practices for your business
  • The free SiteRec App to help you close sales faster
  • Managing your customer database
  • Email Marketing made simple
  • Website engagement and best practices 

Discover overhead irrigation products and techniques that will help you create more water-efficient designs. Topics covered during this one-hour webinar include: 

  • Introduction to overhead irrigation 
  • Types of overhead irrigation 
  • Benefits of overhead irrigation 
  • When and where to use overhead irrigation 
  • How overhead irrigation promotes water conservation 
  • Products, design, and best practices

In this webinar you will learn Digital Marketing tools and tactics including:

  • Overview of Presentation
  • Managing Your Digital Profile
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Managing Your Customer Database
  • Email Marketing Made Simple
  • Professional Spotlight
  • Website Engagement and Best Practices