X2™ Specialist

X2™ Controller Specialist

Learn about the unique benefits of the X2 controller, as well as how to program the various features available.

Hunter Specialist - Hydrawise

Complete all courses below with a score of at least 80% and you will receive a Hydrawise Specialist Certificate.

Hydrawise Specialist Course

X2™ Controller Specialist
WCONT119-S X2 Controller Specialist Program

One course page with 10 modules and 1 quiz.

  • X2 Introduction
  • Programming at the Facepack
  • Using the app to setup the controller
  • Adding a Rain Sensor
  • Manual Operation
  • Standalone control compared to Wi-Fi
  • Connecting to Wi-Fi
  • X2 Advanced Offline Programming Features
  • Setting up Hide Programs
  • WAND Wi-Fi Troubleshooting


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Hydrawise Specialist ACC Specialist

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