Lighting Designer

Lighting Designer

Learn techniques and best practices for lighting specific spaces in your landscape. This program guides you through the design process and shows you how to get started in creating your lighting portrait.

FX Luminaire Training | Series Introduction

FX Luminaire - Lighting Designer

Complete all courses below with a score of at least 80% and you will receive an FX Certificate of Lighting Design.

Lighting Designer Courses

FX Luminaire D-FXL501 up lighting
D-FXL501 Up Lighting

Up Lighting is the most popular technique for outdoor lighting. This course walks through the design process and shows you how to use FX Up Light fixtures in your next job. 

09:49 min

FX Luminaire FXL502
D-FXL502 Down Lighting

Downlighting is the most natural affect that you can create in your landscape lighting. This training will outline steps and techniques that you can use in your next project. 

11:48 min

FX Luminaire FXL503
D-FXL503 Lighting Pathways

Pathways are one of the most favorite areas to install landscape lighting. This course will outline three types of fixtures to light up pathways including up lights, down lights and standard path lights.

11:26 min

FX Luminaire D-FXL504
D-FXL504 Lighting Hardscapes

Lighting hardscape areas is a common design consideration. This course walks through the design process and shows you how to use FX fixtures in your next job. 

13:57 min

FX Luminaire D-FXL504
D-FXL505 Lighting Trees

Lighting trees is a common practice in most landscapes. This course walks through the design process and shows you how to use FX fixtures in your next job.

15:18 min

FX Luminaire D-FXL506
D-FXL506 Lighting Stairs

Lighting stairs is extremely important to provide safety for moving through the landscape. This course shows you some techniques that can be used in your next job.

08:01 min

FX Luminaire D-FXL507
D-FXL507 Lighting Perimeters

The perimeter of a property is an important consideration when developing your lighting plan. This course shows you how you can add a sense of space, dimension, and comfort by properly lighting the perimeter in your next job.

11:46 min

FX Luminaire D-FXL508
D-FXL508 Lighting Specialty Features

Specialty items in the landscape often need extra attention in your design. In this course, we discuss techniques you can use to highlight boulders, sculptures, or other features.

05:53 min

FX Luminaire D-FXL509
D-FXL509 Lighting Outdoor Kitchens, Arbors, and Pavilions

Expanding the living space to the outdoors is the focus of this course. You'll see examples of innovative ways to illuminate structures, and outdoor task areas.

15:40 min

FX Luminaire D-FXL510
D-FXL510 Lighting Fire Features and Water Features

This course will show you examples of how to light fire pits, fireplaces, and water features.

16:22 min

FX Luminaire D-FXL511
D-FXL511 My Design

Conquer your next landscape lighting job like a pro with My Design! Leverage this free tool to simplify the lighting design process, impress your customers, and close sales faster.

3:49 min

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