Product Technician

Hunter Product Technician Level

The Technician Level will help you understand Hunter product features and benefits so you can better explain to customers and advise them on the right products for their jobs. You will also learn basic adjustment and programming to provide better service for your customers.

Summary of Requirements

  • Teknisyen Seviyesine kayıt olun
  • 10 Teknisyen Seviyesi kursu tamamlayın


To participate in the Technician Level, you must have an account on the training website. Once you are logged in, you need to enroll in the Technician Level.


Para participar en el nivel técnico, deberá tener una cuenta en la página web de formación. Una vez que haya iniciado sesión, deberá inscribirse en el nivel técnico.

Required Courses

  1. ROTR100-T – Rotors Overview
  2. SPRY100-T – Sprays Overview
  3. MPR100-T – MP Rotator Fundamentals
  4. VLV100-T – Valves Overview
  5. CONT100-T – Residential Controllers Overview
  6. CONT101-T – Commercial Controllers Overview
  7. CONT160-T – Remote Control Overview
  8. CONT170-T – Battery Powered Controllers Overview
  9. SEN100-T – Sensors Overview
  10. DRIP100-T – Drip and Micro Irrigation Overview

Each course consists of a training module or video and a quiz. The quiz must be completed and submitted. In order to receive credit for each course, you must score 80% or higher on the quiz. Technician-level courses taken within six months prior to enrollment in the program can be applied for the certificate.

Completion Notification Form

Once you have completed the 10 required courses with a passing score, please go to the Technician Level page and submit the Completion Notification Form, which can be found toward the bottom of the page.


You can check your completed courses and grades with your Hunter ID by going to You can identify the Technician Level courses by the letter T following the course number. For example, ROTR100-T.


If you have completed the 10 required courses with a score of 80% or higher, your Hunter Product Technician certificate will be processed within three weeks.


IA Approved Level for CEUs

Irrigation Association CEU Approved Course # of CEUs Tier
Product Specialist: Technician Level Certificate 2 1

Formulario de notificación de finalización

Una vez que ha completado los 10 cursos requeridos con una calificación aprobatoria, vaya a la página de nivel técnico y envíe el formulario de notificación de finalización, el cual podrá hallar al final de la página.


Usted podrá revisar sus calificaciones desde la página utilizando su Hunter ID.


Si ha completado los 10 cursos requeridos con una calificación superior a 80%, su certificado de técnico de productos Hunter será procesado dentro de tres semanas.


Nivel aprobado por la IA como CEU

Irrigation Association CEU Approved Curso # CEUs Nivel
Especialista en productos: Certificado de nivel técnico 2 1
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