Product Specialist

Hunter Product Specialist Level

The Specialist Level will give you a deeper understanding about specific Hunter product’s features and benefits, as well as installation and programming knowledge that can make you more efficient at your job.

Summary of Requirements


To participate in the Specialist Level, you must have an account on the training website, and you should have completed the Technician Level requirements. Once you are logged in, you need to enroll in the Specialist Level, and then you can begin taking the required courses for the I-Core and DUAL Specialist designation.

Hydrawise-Ready Controllers Specialist Program

This program will provide you with information about the controllers that use the Hydrawise cloud-based platform. It will also give you an overview on how to setup and use the controllers and the Hydrawise software.

  1. Hydrawise-Ready Controllers Overview
  2. Controllers Hardware Setup
  3. Hydrawise Software Setup
  4. The Hydrawise Contractor Portal
  5. Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers Comparison


I-Core and DUAL Specialist Required Courses

ACC and ACC Decoder Specialist Required Courses

Each course consists of a training module or video and a quiz. The quiz must be completed and submitted. In order to receive credit for each course, you must score 80% or higher on the quiz.

Completion Notification Form

Once you have completed the 9 required courses with a passing score, please go to the Specialist Level page and submit the Completion Notification Form, which can be found at the bottom of the page.


You can check your grades by clicking on My Grades from the Home page when you are logged in to the Training Website. You can identify the Specialist Level courses by the letter S following the course number. For example: CONT130-S. If you have completed the required courses with a score of 80% or higher, your Hunter Product Specialist certificate will be processed within two weeks.

Continuing Education

Every two years, you will be required to take an overview quiz that will be specific to the level of the program you achieve. You will receive an email approximately one month prior to end of the second year alerting you to the necessity of taking the quiz. Once completed, you will receive a new membership card to show your continued commitment to the program.

IA Approved Levels for CEUs

Irrigation Association CEU Approved Course # of CEUs Tier
Product Specialist: Specialist Level - Hydrawise-Ready Controllers 1 1
Product Specialist: Specialist Level - ACC Controllers 3.5 1
Product Specialist: Specialist Level - I-Core Controllers 2.5 1

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