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MP Rotators

The MP Rotator is a revolutionary product. Unlike anything else in the field of irrigation, it features a unique, multi-trajectory rotating stream delivery system that achieves water-conserving results.
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Luxor Intelligence

The Luxor controller has redefined what an outdoor lighting controller can do. In this course find out the features and benefits of Luxor and how it can now connect toWi-Fi for use with a smart phone app
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FX Luminaire LED Overview

The FX Luminaire LED Overview covers the features and benefits of UpLites, PathLites, WallLites, DownLites and Transformers.
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Valves Overview

The Hunter Valve product course was developed to provide you with information on Hunter's full line of rugged and reliable valves.
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Solar Sync Overview

The Hunter Solar Sync is an exciting new product that allows users to upgrade to a "smart" controller, thus providing daily automatic adjustments to a controller's watering schedules based upon changing weather conditions.
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LX Transformer Fundamentals

This training course is an overview of the features and benefits of the LX Transformer.
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MP Rotator

X-Core Fundamentals

The X-Core fundamentals will allow you to get familiar with the features available with the X-Core controller.
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