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Preferred Intelligence

In this course you will learn about the rewarding benefits that make the Hunter Preferred Program a unique rewards program for contractors and public agencies in the United States and Canada.
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MP800SR Intelligence

Water small spaces more efficiently with a new series of MP Rotators designed for distances from 6' to 12'. This course goes over the benefits of the MP800SR.
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Residential Controllers

This course was developed to cover the key features, benefits, and operation of Hunter Residential Controllers - X-Core, XC Hybrid, Pro-C, PCC, Battery Operated Controllers, and Remote Controls.
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Luxor Intelligence

The Luxor controller has redefined what an outdoor lighting controller can do. In this course find out the features and benefits of Luxor and how it can now connect to Wi-Fi for use with a smart phone app
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Latest Training Courses

Multimeter Basics

This course will give you a general idea of how you can use a multimeter to troubleshoot your irrigation system.
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Pro-C Basic Programming

The objective of this course is to show you the basic steps to program a Hunter Pro-C irrigation controller.
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Soil-Clik Installation and Setup

The Hunter Soil-Clik simplifies soil moisture sensing and uses proven technology to measure moisture within the root zone. This course will show you how to install and setup a Soil-Clik sensor.
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